MultiMedia Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd.

MultiMedia Computer Systems (MMCS) is a leading solution provider based in Bangalore, India. The company is committed to the creation of solutions that enable the scanning, storing, archival and retrieval of documents, as well as the effortless sharing of documents between multiple workgroups.

Offering technologies that are ideally suited to document-centric business environments, MMCS builds solutions that combine best-of-breed security with forms-based architecture for automated work processes.

Business Focus
The development of products that increase productivity and efficiency of professionals by using concepts of document management and workflow.

Key Specialization

  • Document management and workflow solutions that enable the creation of information repositories that handle information in various formats such as paper, computer generated documents, audio and video.
  • Solutions for the Banking and Financial segments that cover the entire spectrum of operations from the Front Office to the Corporate Office.
  • Solutions that address very specific professions such as medicine and library management.

#736, 7th Main, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore – 560 086, India.

+(91) 80 2349 2185/8089

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