General Advisory

  • General corporate advisory services
  • Business planning
  • Market entry and positioning strategy
  • Economic intelligence
  • Corporate intelligence ( on request only )
  • Investor relationship assignments
  • Foreign exchange scenarios
  • Political and socio economic over views
  • PIO prospects on various exchanges

Incubator Provisions

  • Setting up local companies
  • Partnership programs
  • Proxy local statutory directorships for partner companies
  • Trustee share holding for partner companies
  • Providing office, accounting, banking and communication infrastructure for partners
  • Stand in management
  • Recruitment of suitable staff
  • Work permit and immigration issues
  • Product company launch programs
  • Market introduction programs
  • Events management
  • Road shows
  • Identification of compatible partners in respective markets
  • Press relationships for partner companies

Partnership Programs

  • Search and recommend suitable local and regional partners
  • Search and recommend suitable markets, and contacts therein
  • Recommend appropriate shareholding structure for each market
  • Recommend other related professional services for each market
  • Fund raising for partners

Knowledge Transfer & Training Programs

(in association with our associates)
  • Corporate transparency ratings
  • Credit analysis and bond ratings
  • Corporate ratings
  • bond ratings
  • Credit analysis for ratings
  • Internet security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Third party internet security surveillances
  • Boot camps for internet security exams
  • SCP training and certification
  • Banking risk management
  • Institutional fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Banking fraud

IT Services

  • Web / Application Development, using micro soft tools (ASP, SQL, Oracle, VBScript, Javascript, VB)
  • Windows Application Development based on the Customer Requirement, using Visual Basic, SQL
  • Web site development – static / dynamic
  • Complete project management on development of IT solutions
  • Recruiting IT consultants
  • Analysis and building network security for both intranet and internet
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